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(Programs of four hundred fifty (450) or more clock hours or the credit hour equivalent shall administer a basic skills examination to each student who enrolls, unless the student has provided evidence of a high school graduation diploma, general equivalency diploma, or its equivalent.)

To be accepted, a candidate must have a personal interview with an admissions representative who will evaluate the candidate.Below is the list of required documentation:

All applicants must be the minimum age of 16 years old.
Official high school transcript showing date of graduation or diploma, or
Official passing GED scores or Certificate.
Picture ID and Social Security card with number.
Alien Registration card/INS Proof or other documentation (if required).

When Affinity Hair Academy has reason to believe that a High School Diploma or GED is not valid, it reserves the right to reject that credential for admission and may require additional information in order to continue with the admission process.

Note: A high school diploma or GED from a foreign country must be translated and notarized.

20$ Long hairstyle
25$ Medium hairstyle
46$ Regular coloring
50$ Ombre coloring

The Affinity Hair Program is designed to equip the student with industry tools and help develop their skills and the ability to build a relationship with the client. The program is specifically designed to help the student master color, cut, styling, relaxing, shaving, business and more. Our objective is for the student, not only, receive a certificate upon completion but also have a career path.Measurable Performance Objectives

Receive the required number of clock hours of training.
Complete and receive passing grades on all practical graduation requirements and projects to include examinations, both practical and theoretical.
Satisfactory pass final written and practical exams.
Receive a graduation certification or plaque.
Pass state board exam

10$ French style
20$ Gelish with accents
30$ Regular coloring

Our barbering classes teach Future Professionals to be proficient in Florida Law, Safety, Sanitation and Sterilization, Hair Structure and Chemistry, Haircutting/Hairstyles, Shampooing, Shaves/Mustache/Beard, and Chemical Services. The curriculum involves 1200 hours to satisfy Florida requirements.

Total 1200 hours + 1000 hands on experience sessions.
1200 Clock Hours
Completed in 34.28 weeks

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Milady’s Standard Professional Barbering Textbook, 6th Edition

Published: 2017

Student Workbook for Milady’s Standard Professional Barbering 6th Edition

Published: 2017

Milady’s Standard Professional Barbering Exam Review, 6th Edition

Published: 2017