Affinity Hair Academy’s Institutional Purpose

Affinity Hair Academy’s, purpose is to provide all-inclusive training in the intriguing field of Cosmetology. Our focus on excellence and quality service will prepare students with innovative techniques while awakening their creativity to endless possibilities of art or hair design. Using innovative educational curriculums and seasoned instructors to coach our students thru the theory and hands on skills required to succeed in the cosmetology, barbering or nail technician industry.



Our curriculum is simple, challenging, fun and suitable to your learning (way) fashion. It is designed to work with multi-
cultural clients. The curriculum is divided into two categories, Fundamental and Artistic with an emphasis as a “hands on” approach.

The Barbering Program teaches the barber to go beyond the clients’ expectation. This program features hair cutting, style,
chemical work (including coloring and perms), men’s shaving and grooming, along with hairpiece design. (1200 Clock Hours)

The Cosmetology Program will equip students with the necessary tools to be successful regardless of the environment.
This program will prepare you to work in fast-paced upscale salons, hair shows, work with celebrities, and much more. (1200 Clock Hours)

The Nail Technician Program will assist students in preparation to be successful nail technicians of hands and feet. (300 Clock Hours)


The Affinity Name

Affinity was established to create successful hair stylists and entrepreneurs in the hair industry. We educate the individual in order for the student to become a professional. We equip them with the tools where they can develop skills and the ability to build a relationship with the client mastering in color, cut, styling, relaxing, shaving, business and more.
Affinity believes in raising the standard of the hair industry by instilling in the student the need for continuous education.
Affinity will equip our students to make a difference in the hair industry world. The core of Affinity is to provide high quality service that exceeds the clients’ expectation and goes beyond styling allowing our students to build strong customer relationships.
At Affinity, we believe that not only will the students receive a diploma, but they will also obtain all necessary skills to rewarding a career path.

Our Mission

The mission of Affinity Hair Academy, is to prepare post-secondary graduates to become excellent barbers, cosmetologist
and/ or nail technicians to become happy and productive member of their families and communities. We further strive to help our students grow and develop in the practical skills necessary for licensure and employment.

Licensure and Accreditation Status

Affinity Hair Academy, is currently licensed by the Florida Department of Education, 325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1414, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400, toll-free telephone number (888)224-6684.
Affinity Hair Academy, is accreditated from the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS), 3015 Colvin Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. Telephone number: (703) 600-7600. “Candidate for Accreditation” was granted on October 13, 2017.

Affinity Hair Academy, LLC., is a Florida corporation under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer, Ingrid R. Diaz.